STR# Editor

STR# Editor
The STR# Editor is used in many instances in Hera. Generally, any text in Hera which is under 255 characters long is selected and edited by the STR# Editor.

Click the Add and Remove buttons to add and delete STR# resources.

Click Revert to revert the currently selected string to its previous state.

Click choose to use the currently selected string of the currently selected STR# resource and to close the STR# Editor.

Click Cancel to revert the currently selected string and to close the STR# Editor without changing the STR# selection.


The title of the STR# resource, for your reference. Never seen by the player.


The ID of the TEXT resource. Changing the ID of a STR# resource that is referred to by briefing points, scenarios, initial objects, etc., may cause Ares to crash, so make sure you don't delete or change the ID of a STR# resource that is used.

See the appendix for special STR# IDs.

String List

(The shorter list on the right) A list of the strings in the current STR# resource. Change the order of the strings by clicking and dragging.


The text of the string to be edited. Can be up to 255 characters in length.

Add String, Remove String

Add and remove strings from the currently selected STR# resource.