Sprite Selector

Sprite Selector
The Sprite selector allows you to choose sprites and access the Sprite Importer.

Click the Add... button to open the Sprite Importer and create a new sprite.

Click the Remove button to delete a sprite.

Click Choose to choose the selected sprite and close the Sprite Selector.

Click Cancel to make no changes to your sprite choice.

Sprite Title

The name of the sprite as it will appear in the Object Editor. The player will never see this title.

Sprite ID

The resource ID of the sprite. Changing this when an object already uses that ID may cause Ares to crash. Make sure all objects which should have legal sprite IDs actually do.

See the appendix for legal ID ranges. As a general rule, give your sprites an ID in the 700s.

Preview Animation

Causes all frames of the sprite to slowly be displayed in the Sprite Selector.

Light Background

Uses a white background in the Sprite Selector instead of black. Useful for determining how your sprite might appear against other sprites (for example, how a ship would appear in front of a light planet).

Preview Scale

The scale of the sprite in the Sprite Selector. Has no effect on how the sprite will appear in the actual game.