Race Editor

Race Editor
Races in Ares are used when a base needs to build an object (it looks at the race of the player, and then finds a ship of the specified class which belongs to that player's race) and when a net game is being set up.

Use the Add and Remove buttons to create and delete races. There is normally no need to delete the factory races, and you are advised to keep them.

Net scenarios can only refer to a maximum of 16 races.

The order of the races is not significant, but each race must have a unique ID number.


This is the race's name in Ares' net setup screen. It should be a singular noun. For example, "American" (as in a single American).


A plural noun. For example, "Americans" (as in multiple Americans).

For reference; not automatically used in Ares.

Military Name

The name of the space-faring element of their civilization which would fight wars. For example, the United States Space Marine Corps.

For reference; not automatically used in Ares.

Home World

The name of the primary world of this race. For example, Earth.

For reference; not automatically used in Ares.


Any positive number below 32768. Must be unique from other race's IDs. Multiples of 100 are recommended.

This ID is used in the Object Editor's race field.

Apparent Color

The color the race's ships tend to be.

Illegal Colors

Check the race's apparent color and all colors close to the race's apparent color; for example, if the apparent color is gray, also check tan and maybe gold. If the apparent color is green, make sure to check both green and pale green.

This prevents two net players of the same race from having ships which appear to be the same color.


An arbitrary value which suggests a race's inherent strength, where the factory Ishimans are 1.0. For example, if you make your race have ships that shoot twice as fast and do twice as much damage and have twice the shields of the Ishiman ships, you might assign an advantage around 4.0 or higher.