Object Editor

Attribute Flags

The first popup menu, Attr flags, determines an object's fundamental type. Use the table below as a general guide for setting the attribute flags.

attribute flag name function
can turn object has a direction it faces
can be engaged hostile objects which can engage will engage this object
has direction goal should be on if "can turn" flag is on
is remote do not use
is human controlled do not use
is beam a vector object (as opposed to a sprite object)
does bounce if it hits the edge of the universe, will bounce (ships should bounce, shots should not)
is self animated sprite object who's sprite doesn't depend on the angle it's facing
is player ship do not use
can be destination can be selected as a target object
can engage can engage other ships
can evade can sense if another ship is engaging it and attempt to avoid being hit
can accept messages do not use
can accept build object is a base capable of building ships
can accept destination can receive orders to go places by human or computer player
auto target for weapons and the missiles they create; objects are created facing the nearest target; both the weapon and the missiles they create must have this attribute set for it to work
animation cycle object's animation cycles (otherwise, object expires when animation ends)
can collide object can collide with an object with the "can be hit" attribute set
can be hit object can be on the receiving end of a collision
is destination this object is a base; for non-mobile objects like stations and planets; must be set for objects that can build; computer AI considers destinations places that should be attacked or guarded; there can only be 10 of these objects on any given level
hide effect causes nearby thinking objects long range symbols to be masked
release energy on death the object's energy will be released in the form of energy blobs when it is destroyed
hated objects that are hated will be shot at by objects which belong to different players
occupies space any object which should not occupy the same space as another; any thinking, colliding object which doesn't die on impact should have this flag set
static destination object's destination cannot be changed (should only set for specific initial objects)
can be evaded ships with the "can evade" attribute set will try to evade this object if needed
neutral death instead of dying when destroyed, object simply becomes neutral (as in the case of bunker stations)
is guided doesn't think, can't accept orders, but still can steer itself and try to hit targets and still evokes evasion
appear on radar shows up on radar
bit 31 do not use
on auto pilot used for human player; do not set

Here are the most common ways the attribute flags are confgured:

 ships  planets  beams
 pulses  missiles  asteroids